12 Ways Not to Get Sick While Travelling Abroad

12 Ways Not to Get Sick While Travelling Abroad

If you are planning a trip to other countries, you should remember that healthy travel requires planning, preparation, self-discipline, and vigilance.

It is very common to fall sick while travelling to foreign countries. Diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis A etc., are contracted through contaminated food and water. Diarrhea (Food poisoning) is the most common illness contracted abroad, affecting 20-60% of overseas travelers.
No matter where you go, you can reduce your risk of such diseases by following these basic guidelines.

1. Avoid drinking tap water:

This includes water from the tap and beverages with ice. Don’t drink when brushing your teeth or bathing.

Stop drinking tap water as the water may be contaminated by bacteria, parasites, or viruses that can make you ill.

The best way is to buy and drink bottled water only.
No matter where you go, you can reduce your risk of such diseases by following these basic guidelines.

2. Don’t forget that ice cubes are typically made from tap water.

Try to skip it if possible.

3. Drink safe beverages.

Boiled water:
Drink boiled water which can protect you from falling sick.
Tea and coffee:
Beverages made with boiled water and served steaming hot is always preferable.
Bottled water or canned beverages:
It is always safe to drink these as they are away from any kind of contamination.

4. Avoid raw fruits and vegetables. 

Eating salads and uncooked vegetables is a complete No No. These may be contaminated or may have been rinsed with unsafe water.

Eat only food that has been cooked and is still hot. Eat fresh fruits which is washed in safe water and peeled by yourself

5. Do NOT eat these foods.

  •  Raw or under cooked meat, poultry, seafood, and eggs.
  •  Unpasteurized milk and milk products, especially soft cheeses.
  • Prepared food that has been left unrefrigerated for several hours.
  • Street food containing meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and dairy prepared by street vendors.

6. Eat safe foods.

  • Thoroughly cooked fruits and vegetables.
  • Bread, corn flakes, bran flakes and toasts.
  • Fruits with a thick covering (citrus fruits, bananas, and melons). 
  • Fruits that have been washed in safe water. 
  • Thoroughly cooked meat, poultry, eggs, and fish.
  • Dairy products.

7. Don’t drink from unclean or unwrapped glasses in hotel rooms.

You may not be aware of the cleaning method that is followed in hotels, the cleaning staff may also wipe the glass and plates with a tissue or towel to clean it. So it is always good to wash the glass before using it.

8. Drink lot of water especially while flying.

Your body needs plenty of water to do everything. It is important to be fit while travelling to enjoy your holiday. Staying hydrated keeps you healthy and tired free which allows you to explore your trip.

9. Do NOT eat and drink like locals.

When you travel, you love to be the part of that country and try to eat and drink like locals.  Since you are new to the place and it takes time for your body to adjust with the new climate, place, food etc., it is highly recommended to stick with your diet and food you intake.

10. Eat boiled food.

This is an old traveler’s standby; when in doubt, eat only food that is fully boiled as boiled food keeps germs away.

11. Before you go abroad, you should take

an ample supply of medications.

Consider carrying medication for the common cold; constipation; cuts, scratches, and burns; diarrhea; indigestion; motion sickness; allergies; pain or fever; sore throat; and malaria prevention. Carry prescription and over-the-counter medications in their original packaging to avoid problems with border officials.

12. If you get sick, don’t rely on your immune system alone.

Most cases the traveler’s may fall sick by a bacterial infection cure for a bacterial infection is to take an antibiotic. If you notice it is severe than go to Doctor to recover quickly.

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