About the site

“You change your life by changing your heart”

This site is meant for all who are interested to change their life. A place where you get a complete solution for all your life’s need. My motive is to create a change in people’s life and make it better.

“I’m gonna make

the rest of my life

the best of my life”

There is just so many great tips, tricks,  ideas out there that I wanted to create this blog putting all my favorites at one place. I have written these articles based on my 10 years of browsing experience, and some of the  scientific facts & evidence. It’s my own little worldwide web and I’d love to share it with you!

About the Author

I live in Dubai, a fast paced city, full of life, energy and beauty. In my opinion it is a dream city which everyone wish to visit at-least once in their life. After marriage I have to leave India because my husband works here. I am  working too. I love experiencing new things every day and to explore it. Travelling, decorating home, writing etc., are some of my favorites.

Living in a foreign land, I miss my dad my super hero, my mom the queen of our home and my little brother,  my friends, the morning Sun and the blissful Rain. Even the dust of my place has become so precious to me now as I miss them all terribly.

A women’s life shall change after marriage and here I am writing about my experience in life. This is just a start and a new beginning to reach my dreams with the support of my beloved husband and of course my readers. I am very excited too. So come on share your experiences, views about your life or your interests, stories with me. Lets start exploring !!!!

Lakshmi Nambiar