How to Avoid Weight Gain While Travelling

How to Avoid Weight Gain While Travelling

Here’s what you can do to enjoy your vacation and return home without extra pounds.

Vacations should be an opportunity to re-energize, refresh, and relax. It’s true that vacations are no time to try to lose weight but they don’t have to put an extra notch on your belt, either.

So what should you do to stay fit on vacation and return home in decent shape?

1. Build Your Vacation With Activities

Always keep in your mind that physical activity is the ticket to burn extra calories without weight gain. So when you are planning your vacation, opt for locations that will allow you to engage in physical activities you enjoy. For Waterparks or Safaris’ or some beach destinations where you can enjoy doing water sports.

2. Travel in Your Running Shoes

Wear a pair of running shoes while travelling which encourage you to get moving on your trip. These are very useful for longer hikes and walks which helps you to explore the local scenery.

3. Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

Utilize the amenities of your hotel. Working out in gym, later taking a bath in the swimming pool is a great fun and also helps to lose some calories.  You will enjoy it.

4. Be an Active Sightseer

If you are an adventure person then you can toast some calories on active excursions. Go for a walk on the beach, ride a bicycle, play some sports, do rock climbing or walk the golf course.

5. Master the Buffet Table.

  • The countless options at the buffet table can tempt you to eat more. Try to make healthy choices.
  • Choose a smaller plate so you will take less.
  • Fill half of your plate with salads or veggies.
  • Head straight over to the protein-rich foods like meats, fish and beans.
  • Fill one-quarter of your plate with lower fat options.
  • The last quarter of your plate can be one or two grain or starch options like pasta, rice or bread, preferably opting for whole grains.

6. Choose Healthy Options From Restaurant Menu

  • Choose appetizers that contain vegetables, fruits, meat or fish.
  • A veg. soup without cream is a great choice.
  • Ask for whole-wheat options wherever possible. Thus avoiding maida completely.
  • Try to skip bread, naan, and tandoori roti. If you can’t then opt for wheat roti, wheat naan etc.,
  • Request oil-free or butter-free options.
  • Have buttermilk, coconut water or limewater as a beverage instead of soft drinks.
  • Pick boiled or grilled varieties instead of fried food.


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