To My Mother

Thank you, Mom…
For the life you gave me

For being my first teacher,

Who taught me to speak, walk, laugh and love;

My first Doctor while I am sick,

My first friend with whom I share almost everything.


Thank you, Mom…

For the love, strength and care

For not leaving my side, no matter what,

You never lose hope in me and never let me fall

Being my mother is the toughest job ever

You were always there to hold my back.


I would have never been here today….
Without your advice
Without your sacrifice,
Without your love and support
I never would have succeeded,
Without your unbounded love.


I just wanted you to know….

I miss you very much
I will always stand by you
I will love you unconditionally
my love for you is always true.


I wish….

To be a proud mother like you

You are an Angel sent by God to me

In the form of my mother

You are special.

So thank you, Mom,
I love you so much!
From your daughter’s heart

-Lakshmi Nambiar


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